The 7 dumbest last-minute tax mistakes people make


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Reuters / Alessandro Garofalo


Thanks to calendar quirks, taxpayers have four extra days to file in 2016.

That doesn't mean you should use them. Rushing through most anything lends itself to silly, last-minute errors, and taxes are no exception.

"It's like homework," says Certified Financial Planner Keith Klein of Turning Pointe Wealth Management in Phoenix, Arizona. "You can only do so much, so long, and then you get distracted."

If you're scrambling to get your taxes together at the last minute, it's easy to slip up and enter a wrong number, which can lead to even more paperwork in the form of a tax amendment or paying additional fees to the IRS.


Now that we're getting down to the wire, Klein shares some of the dumb, last-minute filing mistakes you'll want to avoid.