The glorious history of the best plane Boeing has ever built


Boeing 777 200LR



This week in 1994, the Boeing 777 airliner made its first flight - kicking off a career that would revolutionize the airline industry.

Once every few decades, an airplane comes along and simply redefines what a modern airliner is capable of delivering for airlines and its passengers. In 1957, Boeing changed the game with its first jet-powered airliner, the 707. In 1969, Boeing turned the airline industry upside down with the introduction of the 747 jumbo jet. In 1994, Boeing did it again with the 777.

In the two decades since its first flight, the 777 has become the trusty long-haul workhorse for the world's international airlines. Through May of 2017, Boeing has sold a whopping 1,911 777s - making it the best wide-body airliner in company history.

Here's a closer look at the history of the Boeing 777.


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