top reasons behind Silk’s cost and worth

top reasons behind Silk’s cost and worth
Silk as a fabric is known worldwide for being an expensive fabric. Also, it has been associated with Royal garments owing to its worth. Now, what makes it so expensive? Why is cotton not so expensive? Or, any other fabric for that matter.

We’ll give you 5 top reasons behind Silk’s worth. Let's take a look:

  1. Silk is a natural fiber. It is harvested from Silkworms. After 45 days of incubation, they are ready to spin a cocoon around them made of Silk threads. The cocoons are then boiled and spun into Silk threads. Phew!! Long and expensive procedure.
  2. Costs of perfection: Customers need perfection when it comes to spending their hard earned money. According to Shawn Jacobs, Creative Director and President of Anne Barge, Silk being a natural fiber, has imperfections. Now, to groom it into what customers want, production cost further increases.
  3. Benefits: Silk not only looks good, it also has some benefits for the person wearing it. Silk is a very polished, soft fabric which is non-allergic for skin. So, people with sensitive skin can just forget all the skin worries when opting for Silk.
  4. Thermoconductive & Sturdy: Silk can be easily dyed and it is very sturdy. Being thermo conducive, Silk is a preferred fabric in cold regions.
  5. Breeding Silkworms: Silkworms are very small in size and as a result, per yard of silk requires a huge collection of them. The breeding cost and infrastructure cost adds up and makes Silk up to $100 per yard.


Having said that, there is a huge amount of hard work that goes into spinning Silk threads that ultimately adorn our clothes. The flown nature of Silk makes it look graceful and elegant. To be more honest, hard work and quality reflects in what you wear. Yet another reason why we really don’t mind Silk’s costs going up, do you?