BTS stans matched the K-pop group's $1 million Black Lives Matter donation in one day through the #MatchAMillion campaign

BTS stans matched the K-pop group's $1 million Black Lives Matter donation in one day through the #MatchAMillion campaign
BTS attends the 2020 Grammys.Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
  • Korean septet BTS recently donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter, as first reported by Variety on June 6.
  • BTS fans, called ARMY, began a campaign to #MatchAMillion in an effort to match the group's million-dollar donation, with contributions tracked by fan collective One in an ARMY.
  • ARMY matched the group's donation on June 7, raising over $1 million to benefit organizations like Black Lives Matter and Reclaim the Block.

BTS' dedicated group of fans, called ARMY, matched the Korean boy band's $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter a day after news broke about the group's contribution. After Variety reported on June 6 that the septet had made a donation to Black Lives Matter, fans began to campaign to #MatchAMillion. On June 7, just a day after Variety confirmed the group's donation, ARMY had matched it.

BTS tweeted on June 4 in support of Black Lives Matter, writing, "We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together." Fans began the campaign to #MatchAMillion in response to news about the group's donation, trending the hashtag on Twitter on June 7 and distributing a Carrd website made by fan collective One in an ARMY, which regularly runs and tracks charity projects for the fandom. The Carrd contained links to donate to organizations including Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and Reclaim the Block as well as a link to split donations between different organizations through ActBlue.

One in an ARMY tracked donations for the campaign. In a statement, the collective said that total donations through the trackable split donation feature had totaled approximately $50,000 in the four and a half days since its launch on June 1. One in an ARMY said in the statement that over $817,000 dollars had been reported through the split donation feature 24 hours after news broke regarding BTS' donation. By late evening on June 7, donations surpassed $1 million.

K-pop fans, including BTS fans, have recently conducted digital campaigns to spam hashtags like #WhiteLivesMatter in addition to police apps like the iWatch Dallas app with fancams.

This is far from a first donation project for BTS fans. One in an ARMY, which launched in March 2018, has run a variety of monthly charity campaigns benefiting organizations like Medical Teams International and Pets for the Elderly. Currently, the collective is organizing a variety of campaigns around BTS' seventh anniversary, with its primary fundraiser benefitting the Global Food Banking Effort. These efforts fall in the footsteps of BTS themselves, who partnered with UNICEF to raise money for the "Love Yourself" anti-violence campaign.


Fans continued to spread news about the donation match through the #2MforBLM hashtag, and One in an ARMY said in the statement that there are no plans to end the Black Lives Matter fundraiser, which the collective has given a permanent page on its website. As of publication, the split donation fundraiser tally stands at nearly $1.2 million.

"Black Lives Matter isn't something that has a time limit. It's a belief everyone needs to carry in their every lives," a spokesperson said in the statement. "We're happy to help ARMY organize and support the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand in solidarity with black ARMY. They're an important part of our family. And we stand with black people everywhere. Your voices deserve to be heard."