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  4. Carole Baskin made a '#FreeBritney' video for a fan, and the 'Tiger King' star says Spears 'should be in the wild'

Carole Baskin made a '#FreeBritney' video for a fan, and the 'Tiger King' star says Spears 'should be in the wild'

Kat Tenbarge   

Carole Baskin made a '#FreeBritney' video for a fan, and the 'Tiger King' star says Spears 'should be in the wild'
  • "Tiger King" star Carole Baskin fulfilled a Cameo request from a Britney Spears fan and advocated for Spears to be freed from her conservatorship, which Baskin said made Spears a "caged tiger."
  • The Spears fan told Insider that he was hoping to get more celebrity endorsements for the "#FreeBritney" movement, which has drawn recent support from Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan, and Snooki.
  • Spears' father and lawyer have had control of the pop icon's assets for more than 12 years as part of the court-ordered conservatorship, and hearings about the agreement are currently taking place.

"Tiger King" star Carole Baskin says she is an enthusiastic "#FreeBritney" supporter, comparing pop singer Britney Spears to a "caged tiger" in her controversial conservatorship arrangement in a new Cameo.

"I just want to shout out to Britney Spears who is being treated like a caged tiger at the moment in a legal conservatorship," Baskin says in the Cameo. "It's not right, and I know something about conservatorships, oh my gosh. Once those things are in place it's just nothing but a free-for-all for all of these attorneys to just gobble up as much of the money as they can possibly get their greedy little grubby paws on. So free Britney."

"She should be in the wild," Baskin continued on to say. "And she should really be wary of others, especially those closest to her. Stay cool, cats. Free Britney."

Baskin has made headlines for appearing in Cameos (paid video messages) for all kinds of eyebrow-raising endorsements. She recently was roped into unknowingly giving a shoutout to someone found guilty of "indecent assault" in a paid promo.

But Daniel John, a London-based Britney Spears fans in his 20s, told Insider that Baskin went off-script to talk about Spears' conservatorship in the Cameo he requested from the animal rights activist.

"I wouldn't say I fed her any lines, I just wrote 'Could you do a video about Free Britney, you know she's under a conservatorship, she should be in the wild,'" John told Insider. "I kind of gave her the inspiration behind some of her lines. But when she was going off on the conservatorship, that was completely her. The line at the end about 'Be wary of others, the ones close to you,' that's one I fed her, because that's from a Britney song called 'Rebellion.' That's a little side wink to the fans, 'cause they know that song."

The conservatorship in question is a 12-year court order that restricts Spears from controlling her own assests, which her father and lawyer have control over. Spears' fans have long advocated to "Free Britney" from the protective agreement, which stems from an involuntary psychiatric evaluation from over a decade ago.

Theories about the conservatorship have recently exploded online on platforms like TikTok, and Baskin isn't the only famous figure to say "Free Britney." Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi have all expressed support for the movement, which critics claim unfairly restricts Spears' ability to live.

"Carole Baskin is going viral at the moment, so I thought it'd be a really great push," John said. "A lot of people are quite quiet about it, which is quite unnerving, especially some of these big celebrities that claim to be fighting for human rights and stuff. They seem to be sitting quite silently on this matter."


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