The Disney Wish cruise ship is selling a $5,000 'Star Wars'-themed cocktail. Here's what else is on the menu at the Hyperspace Lounge.

The Disney Wish cruise ship is selling a $5,000 'Star Wars'-themed cocktail. Here's what else is on the menu at the Hyperspace Lounge.
"Star Wars"-themed bar on the Disney Wish ship.Disney
  • Disney is reportedly charging $5,000 for a "Star Wars"-themed cocktail on its new cruise ship.
  • The drink is called Kaiburr Crystal and served with a smoke machine, according to guests.

Disney's newest cruise ship, Disney Wish, is reportedly serving a $5,000 cocktail in its "Star Wars"-themed bar, the Hyperspace Lounge.

The news was reported by multiple outlets after the drink was shown in video footage posted on social media.

The drink is called Kaiburr Crystal and takes its name from the crystals that power lightsabers. It is listed as: "The galaxy's rarest and valuable cocktail," according to images shared online.

The drink appears under the "hyperfuel" section of the menu and, unlike the rest of the drinks, no ingredients for the cocktail are included.

The ingredients were not available at the time of publication but fans have been speculating online and on social media that the drink contains everything from Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, which costs $4,000 per bottle, to "force powers."


Disney did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment on the price of the cocktail.

The drink is served from a droid-inspired case equipped with self-lowering doors and accompanied by a smoke machine, according to the video posted on social media.

The Disney Wish website lists the bar as "offering interactive tasting experiences and signature beverages inspired by the hit films." The Hyperspace Lounge is a family experience during the day but turns adults-only at night.

Here's what else is on the cocktail menu, along with details of their origins, according to cruise guests and bloggers:

Batuu – Spire Sunset: $15


Grown on the sides of the planet's petrified spires. Saigon Bagur, Kamquat, lychee, coconut.

Mustafar – Breken's Flow: $16

From the largest lavafall of the galaxy. SelvaRay Coconut, Rumchata, Godivia Chocolate, coconut water.

Coruscant – The Chancellor: $20

Enjoyed by the senate elite members. Hennessy James, Calvados Menorval 1972.


Tatooine – Freetown Reserve: $20

Made of Bantha hides mashed with fermented grains. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.

Astroid Belt – Pickled Mynock: $16

Consists of Codigo 1530 Artesenal Mezcal, Cointreau Blood Orange, Baileys Salted Caramel.

Non-alcoholic drinks include Cloud City, which is made from oat milk, blue raspberry, and "galaxy" ice cream, and costs $7.


A selection of wines and beers, including the Skywalker Pino Noir Rosé and Batuuan Harvest Brew, is also available.

The Disney Wish is Disney Cruise's fifth and newest ship. Officially unveiled in May 2021, the ship arrived in Port Canaveral earlier this month.

The ship has features including the Star Wars-themed bar, a Marvel restaurant, and a Frozen dining experience. The 1,119 feet long ship can accommodate 1,555 crew members and 4,000 guests.