There's something that everyone thinks they should have in their car, but it's actually outdated


Jump Starter

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What you really need.

If you've been told it once, you've been told it 1,000 times: you must, must, must keep a set of jumper cables in your car.

In the 21st century, however, you can forget about this classic bit of automotive be-prepared advice.

Why? Because your jumper cables should be replaced by a much more useful piece of technology.


The portable, rechargeable jump starter.

What's so compelling about this device, a version of which you can get for about $70 (less expensive models, by the way, just have less cranking power), is that it does away with the main problem of old-fashioned jumper cables.

You don't need another entire car.


Back in the day, when your battery died, you had to get your jumper cables, maneuver around another car whose batter wasn't dead, and then go through the process of hooking up the cables.

A jump starter does away with all that. You simply keep it charged up at your house and use it when needed. Presto! Dead battery no more!

Now, you might ask what you do if you're out and about and you battery flakes. Well, you can always keep the jump charger in your car. Or you can purchase a small, less expensive, less powerful jump charger for emergencies. Or you can sign up with a service like AAA for roadside assistance. If you're car dies, they can send out a technician who more than likely with have a jump starter on hand.


Yes, an old-school set of jumper cables will set you back only about $20, and if you must stick to the ancient ways, feel free.

But the world has moved on. And so should you.

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