These 8 pairs are redefining the term 'power couple'


power couples

Tech Insider

Leslie Odom Jr., Nicolette Robinson, Kara Kleindienst, Kate Gilman, Melissa Dilger, and Luke Ditella.

"Power couple" used to be shorthand for the kind of wealth and influence that came with buttoned-up business expertise or massive success in show biz.

But for millennials, priorities have shifted.

Despite the young tech billionaires in their cohort, studies show that this generation prizes work-life balance and finding their true passion. Not to mention, getting rich is harder than it once was - becoming part of a rich and formidable pairing without family money or a pedigreed education can feel impossible.


For that reason, the couples attracting the envy of their peers aren't the ones building glitzy, mass-market empires, but the ones living life the way they want. They're not billionaires (yet), but they're bootstrapping their own passion-project startups. They're not high-powered corporate media brass, but freelancers who work just as many hours, but from their iPhones in remote locales.

As one person on this list said, the key change has been a shift from power to empowerment. The people on this list are creating their own definition of success, living exactly the way they want to live.