These are the richest bloggers in India. Most of them earn Rs 10 lakh plus a month

Blogging is a full time profession. Even some ten years back, India would frown at people who would introduce themselves as bloggers, doubting how they earn their living. But things have changed. Bloggers are one of the fastest earning breed in the country. If statistics are to be believed, bloggers make money as fast as a doctor or CEOs.

In India, the blogging scenario changed quite fast if not overnight. Urban Indians having a knack for writing or photography are starting their own website. Thanks to Internet domain registrar like Godaddy, who made website building equivalent to spreading butter on a slice of bread, the new generation of bloggers on the internet would soon be a bigger employment sector.

Now you must be thinking how much money bloggers make. Take some guesses. Well, even in your wildest dreams you won’t believe that some bloggers in India actually make Rs 20 lakh plus a month.

Here’s the list of richest bloggers in India.