These dizzying photos of China's gorgeous skyscrapers will make you feel like you're in a video game



Andy Yeung

The Choi Wan Estate in Hong Kong, China

Photographer Andy Yeung wishes everyone one would look up from their phones more often and appreciate the beauty and skyline of their own city. His series "Look Up" shows veiwers exactly what they're missing.


Yeung's dizzying and unique images of the varying architecture in Hong Kong, and other cities throughout China, explore the country's public housing, tourist attractions, and shopping centers.

With over 300 skyscrapers in the metropolitan area, Hong Kong remains Young's favorite city to photograph. "When it comes to architecture, Hong Kong is a city where old meets new," he told Business Insider. "It gives the city a unique character."

Ahead, 12 disorienting images of the buildings that make up China's cities.