This education start-up says that Trump has not fazed Indians applying to study in the US

There are about a million international students in the US and a majority of them are from China and India. India has always been a masters’ degree driven market with about a 60% share but the trend is shifting and we see a lot of Indians applying to the US for their Bachelors’ degree.

Business Insider talked to Yuri Punj- Co-Founder, about the changing education landscape when it comes to Indian students going to the US to study amidst the immigrant unrest Trump has caused. “USA remains the top education destination for students even though there are concerns regarding the immigrant policies that the Trump government has been propagating,” says Yuri who agreed that the landscape is changing as the return on investment in education for Masters’ is being questioned by parents and students. The perception is that students might not get job opportunities like they used to, before the Trump government came to power.
Yuri maintains that this is temporary hiccup, “Trump is not against immigration, he’s against illegal immigration. Vast majority of Indians come in legally and earn their place in the system so they don’t have to worry.”

Yuri is heading a start-up called Stoodnt whose main focus is to make the college admission market smooth for students by offering differentiated solution, leveraging data insights, intelligence technology capabilities and a network of high-quality guidance counselors, experts and test prep tutors.
How they help

Students from any location in the world can register from on Stoodnt platform either from a mobile device or a computer. Students can use the platform for free to “ask questions” from experts on career choice, college admissions and study abroad. Panel of experts have years of experience in each of the areas and have counseled, guided and mentored thousands of students before.

The students can take Psychometric tests to see what are some of the “Star Careers” for them, get their CV and profile reviewed, get guidance on interesting careers, programs and colleges and the jobs of the future. An expert can further work with them on how to prepare for a career, college admission and interviews.


There are a number of other tools on the platform that help students to search “best fit” colleges for study abroad and connect with the U.S. College recruiting teams.
The goal is to ensure that students, irrespective of their background, interests and aspirations, have the necessary tools and access to experienced network of guidance counselors to guide and help them in their career and college decisions.

Stoodnt is a year old company that plans to launch a mobile app this year.