This is how students at IIT Delhi and JNU are surviving the cash crunch days of demonetisation

This is how students at IIT Delhi and JNU are surviving the cash crunch days of demonetisationAlmost all the students at the IIT Delhi and JNU campus are using e-wallets to survive the cash-crunch demonetisation days. Do they have an option?

While on one side Modi government's move has adversely impacted the common man's life making it a daily struggle to make payments, on the other hand it has proved to be a boon for dital payment platforms who have encashed this opportunity in the best possible ways.

AT IIT and JNU, you can see students using MobiKwik mostly, because the digital payments app has partnered with entities across these colleges to help college students pay for daily meals and basic amenities at the campus using its mobile wallet seamlessly.

Mayank Jain, an IIT Delhi student said - "We have classes, submissions and placements. There is no time to stand in an ATM queue for 4 hours to get a Rs 2,000 note. If you see our campus, most stalls and shops have Mobikwik. So we have downloaded the app to make small payments here and there in the campus."

Meanwhile, Nikhil Chandran, a student in JNU says - "I was technologically challenged at some point of time. But now the need of the hour is to have a e-wallet in your phone. After I tried it, I was surprised at how seamless payments could get. I suggest we should use these apps in our daily lives, not just to sail through the demonetisation days."


Mobikwik Chief Operating Officer Mrinal Sinha said - “We are proud to support India’s leading universities, where students from across the world come to study. Our association will facilitate digital payments for students, making their life hassle-free.”

JNU has around 7,304 students studying at the University. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi has about 7,784 students.