This is how you can look for jobs on LinkedIn without your current employer knowing

This is how you can look for jobs on LinkedIn without your current employer knowingOne of the main concerns while job hunt is-your present employer should not know about it. Many people who look for jobs and post resumes on job finding portals are petrified as if the present employer comes to know about your job hunt, he/she might not like it and reprimand you (unless they are thinking of ways to fire you).

This concern has been addressed by LinkedIn, which has emerged as one of the best portal for job seekers, recruiters and students.

LinkedIn came up with a feature that will help you in looking for a job discreetly.

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Here’s how you can look for a job on LinkedIn without your present employer knowing about it

1. Open Candidates: LinkedIn’s ‘Open Candidates’ feature tells recruiters that you can open for a job switch and the site says “we got you covered”.


2. You can secretly tell recruiters that you are looking for a job and click on the tab ‘Let Recruiters Know You’re Open’.

3. If you have filled half of the information, don’t worry. Recruiters will go through the information provided by you and contact you if they think you fit the bill.

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