This Job pays you to…Sleep!

This Job pays you to…Sleep!‘If you’re someone who hates getting out of bed to get to work, this is the perfect job for you.’

When that’s the first line of a job description, you know you’re onto something.

The job in question is of a ‘Sr. Mattress Tester’ at online furnishings portal Urban Ladder. Posted on 30th March, it already has over 5720 views.

So what’s life like as a mattress tester? You’ll basically get to stay in bed pretty much the entire day and actually get paid for it.

Here’s the official list of desired skill-sets:


· A love for sleeping that would put Kumbhakarna to shame
· Strong analytical skills and an insightful bent of mind
· A good understanding of the best practices in mattress design
· A passion for product quality and attention to detail
· Demonstrated expertise in sleeping under varied conditions
· A strong customer focus
· A complete lack of enthusiasm and drive

On a typical day, you’ll need to sleep on various Urban Ladder mattresses to check for comfort and ease.

Each mattress will need to be tested under different conditions, such as after consuming coffee and other caffeine-based drinks, after traveling long distances, as well as under different light and sound conditions.

Wow, that’s quite something.

Sounds like you? Like they say ‘don’t sleep on the opportunity’. Apply to with your resume and a cover letter! ;)

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