These tips will tell you why you should consider joining a small organisation

Switching jobs is a decision that should be taken wisely. Hence, when you get an offer from a smaller brand, you may think twice before taking it up. And while you have been thinking that joining a smaller organisation would be a step backward, hold that thought. You may want to go through these tips before you take the final call.

Better profile

Since the company is not a big brand in the job market, there is a greater chance of you landing up with a role that enhances your current profile. A smaller organisation often has much greater reliance on each of their employees since they are their biggest resource, thus making you indispensable in the process.

Fat salary

Smaller organizations know that if they have to get the best talent on board, they need to shell out a lot. Hence, you have the power to negotiate on salary and can actually end up on the higher side. Some organizations also offer the equity stock option (ESO) to candidates in a bid to get them on board.

Minimal hierarchy

In a smaller organisation, you don’t see too much hierarchy, which in a way is really good as communication with the top bosses remains transparent and clear.

Higher growth opportunities

Unlike a big organisation, a smaller brand usually has a faster growth chart. Hence, the opportunity to grow is immense in such organizations. For instance, if you have been a mid-level employee in your new job, you may be responsible for cracking a new deal or at least being at the forefront, which typically in a large organisation, wouldn’t have happened. The role is constantly evolving and you end up learning new things, which only enhances your profile which ultimately leads to an increase in your market value.