Two GIFs Of Tom Brady Freaking Out At His Receivers For Dropping Passes


For the second-straight week, Tom Brady struggled to move the ball and had to win a game ugly.


In the Patriots' 13-10 win over the Jets last night, Brady only had 185 yards on 19-for-39 passing - a yards-to-attempts ratio that would have been dead last in the league. Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola were both out with injuries, and two rookie receivers had to start for New England.

It was probably the most inexperienced receiving corps Brady has ever had. They ended up dropping four passes, which threw Brady into a fit of rage.

The typically stoic QB really unloaded on his young receivers last night.

After a receiver ran the wrong route (via @GIFDSports):


On the bench (via Bleacher Report):

Brady and the Pats should be back to full speed once Gronkowski and Amendola get back. But it's unclear when that's going to happen, and Brady is going to have to get used to some individual errors on the perimeter.