WATCH: Boston Red Sox Players Bring World Series Trophy To Boston Bombing Site In Emotional Tribute


The World Series victory parade for the Boston Red Sox on Saturday featured an incredibly touching moment held at the site of the April marathon bombing.


The "rolling rally" from the Green Monster to the Charles River in celebration of the Sox' third title in 10 years came to a stop at the Boston Marathon finish line where three spectators died - still painted blue and yellow as it was on April 15.

Outfielder Johnny Gomes placed the World Series trophy on the finish line along with a jersey that read "Boston Strong" and the number 617, the city's area code. Classical singer Ronan Tynan then sang "God Bless America."

"I think when we all stopped in that moment, and 'God Bless America' was sung, I think for a split second, and rightfully so, it took us back to the day in which we departed here on April 15," manager John Farrell told ESPN. "And again, in some ways, to bring a little bit of closure to it in terms of how the baseball season related to the tragedy, it was kind of a unique moment."

On the day of the attack, the Red Sox were headed to Boston's Logan Airport after finishing up a game and noticed emergency vehicles responding, according to AP.


"We played for the whole city," Second baseman Dustin Pedroia told AP, "what the city went through."

Here's video: