What can they not do! IITians now make a window that can clean itself

What can they not do! IITians now make a window that can clean itselfIn a first of its kind innovation, a team from IIT Kharagpur developed a low-cost technique to create nanostructures which have self-cleaning properties. The research team is lead by Prof. Rabibrata Mukherjee, faculty at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

It is being seen as an answer for solar cell panel street lights which will not only become easier to maintain but also become antireflective because of the presence of nanostructures.

Dr Nandini Bhadaru’s technique will additionally help the lazy keep their homes clean. Notably, Nandini has been the recipient of the prestigious European Materials Research Society’s (E-MRS’s) Young Scientist Award in 2016 for her research and contribution to materials science.

This solution is one among the many products being developed and patented using nanoscience that can be applied in a wide range of areas including electronics such as mobile phones and cancer therapeutics.

Here's how it works: It acts like a lotus leaf that allows water to roll off its surface along with the accumulated dust. Such surfaces will find real-world applications in optoelectronic devices, plastic solar cells, biological scaffolds etc.


It's also very cost-effective compared to counterparts (Rs 100 when made through large-scale production when it would cost Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh for the same area with other materials).

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