What you need to know on Wall Street today

What you need to know on Wall Street today

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For years, banker bros have worn a recognizable outfit that's escaped high-profile public scrutiny.

Until now.

In September, an Instagram account was launched to track the "Midtown Uniform," defined as a button-down Oxford shirt, dress slacks, and, perhaps most crucially, a vest.

Having adopted the handle @midtownuniform, the account serves as a vigilante of sorts, holding finance guys and other similarly attired professionals responsible for their alleged crimes against fashion.


Banker bros, beware: There's a popular Instagram account mocking your "Midtown Uniform."

Elsewhere in finance news, Deutsche Bank is expected to cut around 1,000 jobs in the United States. In related news, UBS has hired a top investment banker from Deutsche Bank amid a major ramp-up of its US dealmaking team.

And Citigroup just handed a 37-year-old rising star a seat on the firm's most powerful management committee.

In deal news, investors are angry with Botox-maker Allergan, and they're trying to get an activist involved to shake it up. Pharma dealmaking is starting to heat up - here's who likely to get acquired.

There's a war for talent on Wall Street for dealmakers who work with the likes of Kraft and Unilever - and some firms will be left out in the cold.


And in IPO news, DocuSign surged more than 30% in its trading debut.

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