Only 3 major services let you stream live TV over the internet - here's how they compare

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The forthcoming YouTube TV service, in app form.

Everyone in the tech industry wants your eyeballs. More specifically, a growing number of tech companies want to attract the millions of people who have ditched cable with services that stream live TV channels right over the internet.

Alphabet's YouTube group is the latest to jump into the fray , building on top of its uber-popular video site with a new YouTube TV service. Streaming player Hulu is about to roll out its competitor, too, while Sony, Dish Network, and AT&T are already fighting it out.

But, this being the TV industry in America, figuring out what's what can be complicated. So to help you see which, if any, make sense for you, we've broken down the three existing live TV services ( PlayStation Vue , Sling TV , DirecTV Now ) and what we know about the two that are coming (YouTube TV, Hulu). We'll update if any more shake-ups arise .

Let's dig into the fine print:

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