19 countries where you don't have to leave a tip


Americans are the most generous tippers in the world, according to a survey conducted by travel website TripAdvisor.

Sixty percent of Americans say they tip for service, but that's mostly because it's practiced in the States. Most service staff in countries around the world don't expect to be tipped for their service, because they are well-paid compared to those in the US.

For example, the average wage for a waiter in Australia is $15 per hour along with benefits, according to PayScale. In the US, only a wage of at least $2.13 per hour, and at least $30 per month in tips is required, so service staff are essentially relying on these tips to make a living.


Other times, the line between opting to leave a tip or just a simple "thank you" is blurred. With help from TripAdvisor, we've listed countries where tipping isn't standard. However, in nearly all cases, you can tip a person directly if you feel their service was extraordinary.