3 Habits Of Super Successful Job Seekers


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Successful job seekers don't underestimate the power of first impressions.

All highly effective job seekers have a few things in common: They're patient and positive; they build a network of reliable sources; they successfully convince an employer that they're the most qualified candidate; and they never stop learning, says Ngee Key, an executive coach and author of "Unlock Your True Potential," in a recent LinkedIn post.


And, according to Key, they share a few additional habits, as well.

In his post he laid out 12 strategies that consistently generate strong results for job seekers. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. They don't underestimate the power of first impressions.

"As you continue applying for positions in various companies, take care of how you interact with others," Key suggests. "Attempt to leave a great first impression, whether it's the secretary, the hiring manager, or your fellow applicants. If you wish to differentiate yourself from other candidates, you must appear to be more eager, determined, and serious to get the job." In addition, he says, you must let them know how much you want to be there. Do this by showing up early, dressing smartly, being alert, and being prepared.

2. They nurture their brand.

"You are your brand," he says. "You are what you sell to hiring managers and employers. Find your unique selling proposition, and cultivate that."


Key says it's imperative that you position yourself as an expert at what you do. You can start by writing articles, giving presentations, speaking at conferences, or teaching a course. "Join professional and business organizations, and make every effort to get a leadership role. Be active in your community, and win people over with your ideas and commitment."

3. They don't compare themselves to others.

"Weighing one person's accomplishments against yours will only derail you from achieving more things," Key says. Accept that everyone is different, and each person has their own path to take and their own set of skills and accomplishments. "Many people go through a rough period while unemployed, but after a period of self-assessment, most realize that things happen for a reason. … The big lesson is: Look at the big picture. Find the positive in your situation. Commit to this change in perspective and turn your adversity into a productive experience."

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