35 science jokes that are so cringe-worthy they might make a scientist groan


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REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Scientists take their world- and life-changing work very seriously.

Whether it's charting the possible consequences of climate change, helping predict when we might die, or keeping tabs on nuclear weapons stockpiles, their work can take on a huge gravitas.

But we all need to unwind, and sometimes nothing feels better than the rush endorphins from laughing at a good joke. (Laughter comes with some surprising and impressive health benefits too.)


We've scoured the internet and called on our readers to help us round up some of the best, worst, and cheesiest science jokes and puns around.

Here are some of our favorites - plus an explanation in case you don't get the joke. (Warning: It's possible only scientists will find these amusing.)

Kelly Dickerson previously rounded up a bunch of these jokes, and we're re-posting them here.