50 Rs 2000 fake currency notes found in West Bengal, sends Govt into a tizzy

One of the major motive of demonetisation was to stop the counterfeiting of money but recently, the Border Security Force (BSF) and West Bengal police have seized close to 50 fake Rs 2000 notes from Indo-Bangladesh border striking a body blow to government's demonetization success claim.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently claimed that demonetization was a success as the parallel economy of fake currencies have been wiped clean.

Minister of state for Home affairs Kiren Rijiju told ET, "We will take all possible measures to stop flow of fake currencies." Earlier, Ministry of Home Affairs had stated that printing press in Pakistan which were printing fake notes had come to a grinding halt after November 8th.


As per a BSF report, fake 2000 rupee note worth forty thousand rupees were seized from Murshidabad district of west Bengal on February 8.

26 year old Azizur Rahman, a resident of Malda district, was arrested on suspicion of smuggling fake currencies.

"Interrogation revealed that the currencies he was carrying were low quality fake," a source told ET.


This was the third haul of fake 2000 rupee notes in the past fifteen days.