Fitness experts tell you what to eat right after a swim

There are a plethora of options if you want to exercise and lose weight. From traditional forms like hitting the treadmill in the gym or yoga to new-age ways like parkour or aerial training, you will find many ways to exercise and remain fit.

But, one of the most chosen forms of exercise, which is the best during scorching heat also, is swimming.

Many experts point out that swimming is one of the effective ways to lose weight, stay healthy and maintain overall wellness.

Apart from maintaining weight, swimming also helps in keeping up the heart rate, building endurance, toning muscles, and also helps to de-stress.
For those of you who want to lose weight, a dip in the pool will help you lose fat faster than any other exercise.

But you should also know that losing weight also involves keeping your diet in check.

A good swimming session will go waste if you binge on high-calorie food, as one tends to get really hungry after it.

Even before starting your swim, you should eat foods that maintain your stamina and aid weight loss.

Ashishh Gupta, Director and Fitness Expert, Gold's Gym, said, “Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates are a great source of energy. By eating a small amount of carbs before you hit the pool, you’ll benefit from a slow release of energy while you swim, helping you to keep going for longer.”

So, here’s what you should and should not eat before and after swimming to lose weight

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Before swimming

Before swimming
Gupta suggests you to eat an hour before you plunge inside the pool. Anything that includes, quinoa, barley, oats or even wheat, in small quantities will ensure you get enough carbs for a great swim.

Healthy options

Healthy options
You can also eat fruits, such as bananas and apples or oats.

No chocolates, spicy food

No chocolates, spicy food
Vishesh Goel, Founder, FitMeIn, says, “Avoid fatty foods such as ice-creams, aerated drinks, chocolates, etc before swimming as they can cause indigestion and make swimming hard. Don't eat spicy food too."

After swimming

After swimming
“One should replenish lost nutrients and refuel the body in the first 20-30 minutes of swimming. If you’re swimming in the morning, one can have a hearty breakfast but avoid sugary drinks, rice, food items filled with cheese,” said Gupta.

Recovery snacks

Recovery snacks
Goel says fruit juices, smoothies made of yogurt and protein bars should form a part of your meal after swimming. “If you are swimming in the evening time and want to have dinner, you can very well eat high-protein food that will help you in muscle repair,” he said. Add fish, lean chicken, eggs and low-fat cheese in your diet.
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