Science-Backed Tips To Making This Mother's Day The Best Ever

Parents are just as satisfied as nonparents, according to some recent research, but some things can help maximize happiness and reduce the stress that comes with taking care of kids.

So for Mother's Day, Happify, a website and app that uses a positive psychology approach to make happiness-boosting games and infographics, put together some of the research on what makes moms happy - and what you can do for your mom this weekend.

Thoughts and actions are some of things you can target to make yourself happier quickly, so that is where these recommendations come in. Here's what makes mom feel appreciated:


The best way to try and boost someone else's happiness is to really make them feel appreciated. Try to see what makes them feel good. So while cards and flowers are great, actually spending time with your mom could be even more important.

Plus, Happify offers some practical tips for staying happy in this busy world, including some advice for moms to not stress themselves out too much.

For more on what makes moms happy, check out the full infographic, below. Happy Mother's Day!