This infographic will help you choose between a startup and an MNC

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If you are on a job hunt, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But even then, many of us are confused between joining a multinational company (MNC) and being a part of a startup. Ideally, your future goals should be the primary criteria to opt between a startup and an MNC as both come with their own pros and cons.
If you decide to be a part of a startup, be ready to work day and night as that will help the company grow. On the other hand, if MNC is your new work place, you will relish the joy of working with a big brand and this can do wonders to your CV as well.

While, you can be more relaxed in a startup due to no-boss culture, the hierarchy in an MNC may result in more work pressure owing to the daily deadlines and targets. But then, the big-pay package that you get while working in MNC cannot be compared to what you are paid in a startup. The following infographic will help you discover whether you are fit to work in a startup or an MNC. Look on!
(About the infographic: This has been created by WittyFeed)