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A few campaigns that caught our attention on World Environment Day.

World Environment Day: Brands urge consumers to come out of the lockdown as conscious beings and continue following sustainable practices

A few campaigns that caught our attention on World Environment Day.
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  • As the entire country continues to be locked in their homes, mother earth is healing herself -- right from greener pastures to clearer skies and reduced pollution.
  • To mark World Environment Day, a few brands took cognizance of this and urged every citizen to imbibe these learnings, reflect upon their actions and as we brace ourselves for the lockdown being lifted, emerge as more conscious beings with focus on a sustainable future.
Civilisation today is staring at what can only be called the biggest human challenge. This pandemic has left us thinking, wondering and questioning about all that we have done in the past. The environment is one such area where enough human effort may not be sufficient to reverse the damage caused so far, but a little conscious effort every day, collectively may promise our future generations a safer planet to inhabit, a lot safer than the one we call our home today. Like every year, a few brands have come forward to remind its consumers and fellow companies that sustainability should be prioritised at every household and workplace.

Here are a few campaigns that caught our attention:

United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) under its global theme – ‘Super Year For Nature & Biodiversity’ released a campaign with MoEFCC ( Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change) conceptualized by Ogilvy.

The campaign brought to light the dwindling population of endangered species in India namely, Snow Leopard, Gangetic River Dolphin & Great Indian Bustard.

Kansai Nerolac Paints

Kansai Nerolac Paints digital film extends the thought of Nerolac’s recently launched brand campaign #AajCarefulTohKalColourful and is the third film in the continuing series. Through the digital film, Nerolac aims to raise awareness on the importance of environment conservation for a brighter and colourful tomorrow.

Its ‘Aaj Careful Toh Kal Colourful’ with an intent to underline the importance of taking necessary precautions in the current Covid-19 situation to ensure a colourful future. The new thought-provoking film encourages citizens to take positive actions for the betterment of the environment and showcases how people can do their bit by taking small steps such as switching off fans/lights when not in use, conserving water, planting trees, contributing to cleaner air in minimal ways and more.


ITC pledged once again to help shape a better, secure, sustainable and inclusive future for the generations to come with a powerful campaign.


Welspun Group launched a song titled ‘Ek Soch Hai Jaagi’ in collaboration with Kailash Kher to commemorate the World Environment Day. It aims to encourage people to introspect on their role in shaping the environment and steer them to build a better tomorrow. It also celebrates the metamorphosis of nature as it recuperates and replenishes during the lockdown.

Tata Tiscon

Tata Tiscon tried to spread the message of building a strong planet through Tata Tiscon Go Green, the brand’s sustainability initiative.

‘Plant for the Planet’, is a digital film conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson South Asia that was released on World Environment day to encourage people to care for and nurture the environment.

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