Newly launched adtech platform Parva seeks to create new opportunities for advertisers to reach premium audiences at scale
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Newly launched adtech platform Parva seeks to create new opportunities for advertisers to reach premium audiences at scale

Newly launched adtech platform Parva, with 360 million monthly active users and serving 2,241 million monthly ad impressions, is all set to become a key option for media buyers in India.

Parva, which is a consortium of premium Indian publishers has partnered with some of the largest and most loved domestic publishers such as Times Internet, Sakal Media, etc. to create a scaled-up media buying solution for our customers.

At its core, Parva is a technology platform that allows media buyers to reach their customers in a trusted, premium, and brand-safe environment. Through the use of a proven adtech stack, Parva enables advertisers to reach their customers at scale while driving superior business outcomes for them.

Parva aims to bring together leading publishers in India to combine their reach while giving media buyers access to premium inventory that is 100% viewable and brand safe. Parva seeks to provide an integrated and seamless experience across multiple devices and touchpoints for media buyers.

On the launch of the platform Raghu Seelamsetty, Founder of Parva, said, “The explosive growth of digital media has created amazing opportunities for digital media buyers and sellers alike. We see a need for a scaled-up adtech service that delivers real measurable results for our customers while leveraging a transparent business relationship with our publisher partners.”

Puneet Gupt, Chief Operating Officer of Times Internet, said, “Parva is an exciting new partnership for TIL. Parva creates new opportunities for advertisers to reach some of the most premium audiences in an environment they trust across a curated list of premium publishers. Parva enables top-tier publishers, like us, to create additional direct sources of revenue while continuing to exceed our customers' marketing objectives.”

In addition to this, Swapnil Malpathak, Digital Business Head for Sakal Media Group said, “This is a great opportunity for all digital media platforms, as it makes media selling easy. It also gives us (publishers) the opportunity to meet new clients and help showcase our solution-providing capabilities in the best possible manner. Sakal Digital currently claims a high MAU of 20M+ users, and leveraging our services to Parva will only help us grow as a brand solution provider.”

With Parva, the Indian media buyers and sellers will play a more central role in India’s internet story and would be the stewards of our data.