Beginning of a revolution in Education through Coursera

Beginning of a revolution in Education through CourseraCoursera recently organised a blogger’s meet (for the first time) to make people aware of this ‘Online Education Revolution’.

Coursera is basically an education-focused technology company that offers courses and learning experiences from the world’s top universities and education institutions including Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Virginia, and ISB. It has more than 22 million registered learners worldwide who can access over 1,600 courses and 160 Specializations in dozens of topics including business, technology, social sciences, health, and art.

The Evolution of Online Education

Virtual Career Counsellor

This education-focused technology company now has a recommendations engine that will tell you about courses and specializations that teach the skills you need; kind of like a career counselor. Learners no longer need to find their way through thousands of courses. With just a few clicks, they can define a goal for themselves and be presented with the most efficient path to reaching that goal stated Nikhil Sinha, Chief Business Officer. Prior to joining Coursera, Dr. Sinha was the founding Vice Chancellor of the Shiv Nadar University from April 2011 to January 2016.


Progress Tracking

Coursera recently launched new progress tracking and planning features. Mr. Sinha said, “Our early data suggests that learners who have access to these features are over 10% more likely to complete a course successfully overall. In developing these features, we drew inspiration from pedagogical best practices as well as fitness trackers and financial planning apps. We also recently introduced a subscription model that encourages learners to complete courses more often and more quickly.”

User Flexibility

Coursera claims to be the only online education platform to offer college courses through flexible sessions, that furnish learners with the flexibility to finish all alone timetable while additionally sufficiently giving inspiration to stick to due dates. Courses have begin dates like every week and weekly deadlines.

There have been many online portals dealing in a similar sector, but when it comes to education—one should consider ‘Quality’ and ‘Ease’ to be of utmost priority. Monetary decisions are secondary. After all, education is not about repeating but learning.