Can I file my taxes free with H&R Block?

Tax payers standing in que for file income tax returns on the last date of returns filing at Aayakar Bhavan in Chennai BCCL

H&R Block is one of the largest companies offering tax services worldwide. The company opened up its operations in India in 2012 with an objective of providing easy to use tax paying services to millions of individuals in the country. Some of the different services provided by H&R Block include Individual Income Tax Filing, U.S. Expat Tax Filing, Business Tax preparation and GST managed services.

Tax filing support to individuals

H&R Block provides tax filing services via two modes namely Income Tax e-Filing by Experts, and Self e-Filing of Income Tax Returns. In the former method, the individual registering for the services is allotted a dedicated tax expert who will guide the person with the entire process of tax filing. They can assist in helping the individual understand the modalities of the taxation, prepare the tax returns and file the ITR online. Alternatively, the individuals can also choose to pay the taxes themselves by using a highly intuitive online tax paying tool offered by their exclusive website. This is a wonderful tool that can extract the data from the individual’s Form 16 automatically enabling an easy filing of taxes online in just 3 easy steps.

Tax filing support to businesses

H&R Block also provides tax filing services to businesses in two ways – firstly through personal interaction and secondly through the online filing services via ITR 3 and ITR 4. The GST managed services offered by the company is a comprehensive solution available to ensure compliance with GST. The portal takes care of all the needs related to GST including registration, reconciliation and return filing. In addition, businesses and individuals can benefit from the tools provided by the site including Income Tax Calculator, Advance Tax Calculator and a Ready Reckoner for Income tax that you can download from the site.

Free tax fling with H&R Block

The dedicated website administered by H&R Block offers free e-filing option in the online mode. In this connection, the individuals can also benefit from the expert tax preparation help provided by the experts working with the company.

Electronic tax filing

Electronic tax filing is the process that enables individuals submit their tax returns to the IRS online. This is a highly desired process since this method significantly reduces the processing time for tax returns and also enables the individuals get a return quickly. Most times, it is not possible to find a free e-filing option. H&R Block provides a range of tax filing options among which free e-filing is possible.

How to use the free e-filing option?

Individuals desiring to file their ITR free of cost online can benefit from the tax software offered by the site and the online tax filing mode offered by the company. The tax payers can get a free e-file credit provided by the organization. Majority of tax filing companies charge a lump sum fee for tax filing services. H&R Block helps individuals avoid paying additional fee for completing the taxes online. If you can work properly with the several options provided by the site, you can explore ways to save a significant amount of fee on your tax filing.