Coke made a soda bottle out of sugar cane




Coca-Cola has manufactured a soda bottle entirely out of sugar cane.


The company showed off the so-called PlantBottle at the Expo Milano food technology conference last week, CNN Money reports.

Despite it's origins, the bottle is inedible.

Like all of Coca-Cola's other soda bottles, it's made of plastic. But the plastic is derived from sugar cane instead of petroleum.

"The packaging looks, functions and recycles like traditional [plastic] but has a lighter footprint on the planet and its scarce resources," according to the company.


Coca-Cola debuted its first PlantBottle in 2009. That bottle contained 30% plant-based plastic.

The newest version is the first bottle made from 100% sugar cane plastic.

The company says it has distributed more than 35 billion bottles in nearly 40 countries using its current version of PlantBottle packaging. It estimates that the bottles have helped save the equivalent annual emissions of more than 315,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Coca-Cola says it has a goal of replacing all its plastic bottles with PlantBottles by 2020.

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