Controversial photos inside the homes of Russia's ultra-rich show the country's problem with wealth inequality


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Lilia Li-Mi-Yan



Russia has greater economic disparity than any other major global power. In 2014, Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report claimed that those in Russia's richest 10% control 85% of the country's wealth. Additionally, just 111 billionaires have been found to control 19% of total household wealth in the country.

This alarming discrepancy is what photographer Lilia Li-Mi-Yan set out to explore in her series "Masters and Servants," an intimate view of Russia's elite photographed within their homes, alongside their hired help.

"For those who can afford it, it's a common situation to hire a helper," Li-Mi-Yan told Business Insider. "I was interested in [these] people's stories and their [relationships]."