Banks closed for 1/3rd of October 2023 – Check out dates and details

Banks closed for 1/3rd of October 2023 – Check out dates and details
Banks are comparable to the central nervous system of people’s professional and economic life. Some of the most important products offered by the banks in India are savings and current accounts, loans, multifarious financial transactions, payments processing, safety lockers, disbursal of government funding and several others. Keeping track of bank holidays has become more important now than ever for people of all segments

Over the past few years, the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana saw the creation of over 40 crore bank accounts for the Indian public, which has pushed the country’s banking system to the forefront of India’s socio-economic life. This fact has also given a major thrust to the banking sector, which is playing a decisive role in the country’s political administration and all-round development. Government’s subsidies, incentives, and financial assistance are all directly credited to the bank accounts for a centralized, systematic and corruption-free disbursal to the beneficiaries.

Both the private sector and public sector banks in India follow the mandates and guidelines issued by the Reserve bank of India from time to time with regard to their policies, rates of interests, charges, various fees, systems and holidays. Indian bank holidays are of two types namely national and local holidays. Indian banks do not work on the second and the fourth Saturdays of all months. The weekend holidays are observed on all Sundays. Here is a detailed list of bank holidays in India for October 2023.

Bank holidays in October 2023

October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar. A lot of important festivals fall in the month of October, crowding its calendar with many holidays. Here is the list of regional, national and weekend holidays for the month. Please refer to your state holiday gazette to verify the local holidays.


Date Day Holiday DescriptionApplicable in
1 October 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
2 October 2023 Monday Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday All over India
8 October 2023 SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
14 October 2023 Saturday Second Saturday All over India
15 October 2023 SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
21 October 2023 Saturday Maha Saptami All over India
22 October 2023 SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
22 October 2023 Sunday Maha Ashtami Several states
23 October 2023 Monday Maha Navami Several states
24 October 2023 Tuesday Vijaya Dashami Several states
28 October 2023 Saturday Fourth Saturday All over India
29 October 2023 SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
31 October 2023 Tuesday Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Birthday Gujarat

India has become one of the global leaders in digital payments. The UPI payments system has reduced the burden on the banks and has also eased the way people pay for products and services. Also, the elaborate network of ATMs throughout the country provides an array of banking services anytime and anywhere. However, keeping track of bank holidays lets you stay on top of your banking activities.