Goldman Sachs teams up with Indian School of Business to nurture women entrepreneurs

  • Global investment and Financial services company Goldman Sachs has joined hands with Indian School of Business(ISB) to roll out a ‘Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Ambassadors Programme’.
  • The three-months long course will will commence from 17 November at ISB Mohali.
  • The initiative is aimed at fostering women-owned businesses by educating them in areas like management, mentoring, networking.
  • Women account for merely 18% of India’s GDP growth.
Global financial services major Goldman Sachs joined hands with Indian School of Business (ISB) to roll out an entrepreneurship programme for women. The three-month long course will will commence from 17 November at ISB Mohali.

“This programme signifies our belief in the potential of women entrepreneurs in India to grow their businesses and serve as ambassadors in their communities and beyond,” said Charlotte Keenan, global director of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Ambassadors Programme.


The initiative aims to educate women in areas like management, mentoring, networking, and access to capital. It will focus on imparting skills like organisational growth strategies, customer analytics, financial growth and digital marketing.

A 2018 report by McKinsey indicates that India has one of the largest opportunities in the world to boost GDP by advancing women’s equality. It would lead to $770 billion of added GDP by 2025.

The current female contribution to India’s GDP is 18 percent, one of the lowest proportions in the world, reflecting the fact that only 25 percent of India’s labour force is female. The report estimates more than 70% of the potential GDP opportunity resides in increasing women’s participation in the labour force by 10 percentage points, the press release said.


According to a study titled " Gender Inclusion in Hiring in India,” the unemployment rate is higher among Indian women, as compared to the male counterparts

In addition to organising country-specific programmes, Goldman Sachs is also expanding in India. It infused $250 million in its Bengaluru office, which is its third largest in the world.

Interested applicants can apply at the official website.


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