H D Kumaraswamy government loses trust vote

H D Kumaraswamy government loses trust vote

  • HD Kumaraswamy government lost the trust vote today.
  • The Congress JD (S) coalition government got 99 vote. Where as BJP got 105 vote.
  • Earlier, 17 MLAs were absent from the Assembly on the day of the trust vote.
As expected, H D Kumaraswamy government today lost the trust vote in the Karnataka assembly today.The Congress JD (S) coalition government got 99 votes while Opposition BJP secured 105. This was highly expected as 17 of the ruling coalition government's legislators were absent from the assembly today.

The motion for confidence was moved by Kumaraswamy on July 18, after as many as 15 MLAs resigned from the government early this month.

Of the 17 missing legislators, 12 of the Congress and 3 of the JD-S are rebels who resigned from the Assembly and are holed-up at a star hotel in Mumbai while other two Congress members are in private hospitals in Bengaluru and Mumbai for treatment.

"The rebels have rejected even the last-minute appeal of the party leaders to be present in the Assembly for voting in favour of the motion, as they have already resigned and the Supreme Court ruled on July 17 that they cannot be compelled to attend the session for the floor test," a leader of the ruling combine told IANS.

Though two Independents, who resigned as ministers on July 8 and pledged support to the BJP were not seen in the Assembly since the 10-day monsoon session began on July 12, the opposition party is hoping they would be present at the time of voting against the motion.

"Even if they are not present, their absence will not make a difference as all our 105 legislators are present in the House to vote against the motion," party spokesman G. Madhusudana told IANS.

With 17 members absent, the effective strength of the 225-member Assembly at the time of voting will be 208, with 105 the new halfway mark.

The Congress strength has been reduced from 79 to 65, but this includes the Speaker, who can vote only in the event of a tie. Similarly, the JD-S strength has come down from 37 to 34.

With the support of the lone BSP member and the nominated member, the ruling combine has 101 votes, which is four short of the half-way mark, while the BJP's 105 increases to 107, with the two Independents.

The BJP leader said that they hoped that good sense will prevail in Kumaraswamy, who knows that his fate is sealed, and he will resign than face a humiliating defeat in the floor of the house.

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