How can we check PF balance through UAN Number

How can we check PF balance through UAN Number

UAN refers to the Universal Account Number allotted to the subscribers of EPF scheme. When your employer pays the first contribution to your PF account, your unique UAN is generated and then it continues forever later even when you switch your employer. It is possible to check your EPF balance using the UAN number.

First start by activating your UAN

Start the process by first activating your UAN in the following steps.

Input your mobile number and UAN number.

You will receive your PIN via your mobile. You have to enter this PIN number.

After inputting the PIN number, your credentials will be verified.

UAN number will be your user number. You will have to create the password.

This process will end up registering you on the UAN portal.

Once this is done, you can check your PF balance using the UAN number.

It is also possible to download the passbook and get other details through the app.

In case the website is not working to view the PF balance, you can also follow other options.

When you are the registered member, you can use the toll free number to view your EPF balance 1800-118-005.

How to merge multiple EPF accounts?

It is possible that some individuals have multiple EPF number due to several reasons. If this is the case with you, you can get them clubbed together in the following way.

Visit the official EPF India website

Click on the link One Employee-One EPF

The next step is to authenticate using the OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Update your PF numbers on this page.

This page provides you the option to update a maximum of 10 EPF Numbers.

Simple steps to check your EPF balance using UAN

Go to the official website of the EPF office

On the right side of the page, login using your credentials

Below that, you will see the link ‘activate your login’.

You will find a box in which you will have to tick against "I have understood the instructions".

The next step will ask you to fill in some details.

Enter the Universal Account Number or UAN

Then you will have to enter your mobile number.

In the next step, choose your state and the office

Input the company code that your employer has provided you.

In the next step, type in the characters you will see in the box displayed on the page.

Once you have entered the characters, the site will send you an OTP on your mobile phone.

Now you will need to enter a new password to use from now onwards. Your login will remain the same as your UAN ID.

On this page, you can login whenever you want using your credentials and perform the actions including downloading your UAN card, updating your PF Passbook, view the status of your PF transfers.

Sometimes when the portal is very slow, you will not be able to check the EPF using the UAN. In such cases, you can also use the app.