How to shop on Amazon Prime Day 2019 - all the tips and tricks you need to save the most amount of money possible

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  • First introduced four years ago, Amazon Prime Day has quickly become a well-known fixture of the online shopping world.
  • Below, we show you how to take advantage of all the great deals featured during the sales event (the date of which has yet to be announced).
  • Most importantly, you'll want to make sure you're a Prime member, or else you won't be able to shop on Prime Day.
  • You should also bookmark the Insider Picks Prime Day 2019 page. It's where you'll find curated deal roundups and other tips and tricks related to Prime Day 2019.

For any event - a half-marathon, a surprise party, a trip to a new city - preparation is key. And yes, even shopping counts as an event, especially when you plan on buying the products you need most in your life all at once.

Amazon's yearly sales event, Prime Day, certainly warrants some extra preparation ahead of time since it lasts more than a day, features more than 1 million deals worldwide, and essentially pits you against hordes of other online shoppers who also want that kitchen appliance or pair of headphones you've been eyeing.

Though Prime Day is still some weeks away, we've been doing the equivalent of getting up for early morning runs and putting in work at the gym for what is sure to be a whirlwind of a race: analyzing the deals and best sellers of past Prime Days, figuring out all the ways Prime Day will save you money beyond physical products, and more.

This isn't Insider Picks' first Prime Day rodeo, and even if it's not yours either, the following guide to how to shop Prime Day will be good refresher on everything you need to succeed during the sales event.

And if this summer is the first time you'll be shopping Prime Day, welcome to the party. Despite constant reminders that Amazon's website crashed due to overwhelming traffic last year, you shouldn't feel intimidated.

Insider Picks will be here to make shopping during Prime Day as smooth as possible, with deal roundups and resources like the guide below.

Read up on everything related to Prime Day 2019 here.

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1. Become a Prime member

1. Become a Prime member
Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime here

More than 100 million people worldwide have already signed up for a Prime membership — Prime Day is a timely opportunity to see why. Unlike many online membership trials, it's one you'll want to keep beyond the first 30 days because there are dozens of useful benefits of being a Prime member. If you're not already a member, you'll want to time your sign-up for the month of July so you can take advantage of Prime Day.

2. Mark your calendar

2. Mark your calendar

Unfortunately, we don't have access to Jeff Bezos' journal, so we don't know the exact date yet. Amazon has not announced the official date(s) of Prime Day 2019, but based on previous years, it will likely take place in mid-July.

We'll update you once we do learn when Prime Day 2019 is happening.

3. Narrow down what you want to buy

3. Narrow down what you want to buy
See what Insider Picks readers bought on Prime Day 2018 here Learn more about the devices that will be on sale during Prime Day here

It's smart to go into Prime Day with at least some idea of what you want to buy (and save on). If you need some inspiration from your fellow Insider Picks readers, these were the 30 top-selling products from Prime Day 2018.

Aptly, Amazon devices on Amazon's special day will be enjoying significant discounts. If you're able to, we recommend holding off until Prime Day to make your next Echo or Kindle purchase. Amazon now makes tons of different devices, from tablets and TVs to speakers and yes, even microwaves, so refresh yourself on all the different options here.

Your Prime Day wish-list doesn't have to include a best seller or an Amazon device — but you should compile some type of list to make shopping more efficient.

4. Download the Amazon app

4. Download the Amazon app
Learn more about how to use the Amazon app here

You can use the Amazon app all year long to streamline your mobile shopping experience, but it's particularly useful for Prime Day. Before Prime Day goes live, go to the "Deals" section of the app, where you'll be able to view all upcoming deals. Click "Watch this deal" to receive an alert the moment it goes live. The app organizes all the deals you're interested in, so just pay attention to your phone notifications if you want to grab a deal before it's gone.

The Amazon app also sends periodic tips and tricks for how to make the most of Prime Day.

5. Familiarize yourself with Lightning Deals

5. Familiarize yourself with Lightning Deals
Learn more about how Lightning Deals work here

During Prime Day, some deals will run all day, but others will only be available for a limited amount of time, while supplies last. These Lightning Deals are usually open to everyone shopping on Amazon, but on Prime Day, they'll be exclusive to Prime members.

As their name suggests, Lightning Deals go quick, which is why you'll want to watch the deals you want (the app is the easiest way to do this). It is still possible to get a deal that has been 100% claimed if you add yourself to the deal's waitlist and another shopper bails on their purchase.

6. Create your grocery list

6. Create your grocery list
Shop Whole Foods at Amazon here

Last year, Prime members who spent $10 at a Whole Foods Market in the week leading up to Prime Day received a $10 Amazon credit to use online during Prime Day. First-time Prime Now shoppers received $10 off their Whole Foods delivery order, as well as $10 off a future order. They also enjoyed exclusive offers on select seasonal items such as organic strawberries and bagged coffee.

This year will be the second Prime Day collaboration between Amazon and Whole Foods, so we expect similar, if not better, grocery deals. Try doing your grocery shopping at Whole Foods during the week of Prime Day to save on your weekly food essentials.

7. Bookmark our guides to the best Prime Day 2019 deals to save you time and energy on the day of

7. Bookmark our guides to the best Prime Day 2019 deals to save you time and energy on the day of
Read all of our Prime Day 2019 coverage here Find the best deals across all categories of Prime Day 2019 here

The Prime Day 2019 category page on Business Insider is where you'll be able to find all related coverage of the sales event, from massive deal roundups to special deal spotlights. You can count on us to cut through the clutter of Prime Day and highlight only the deals worth shopping.

We'll be rounding up all the best deals sitewide in a master deals post, as well as the best deals by popular categories like tech, home, and kitchen. Check out the Prime Day 2018 page from last year for an idea of what to expect from the Insider Picks team.

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