How Virtual Office Helps Start-ups & Entrepreneurs In India

Virtual Office Helps Start-ups & Entrepreneurs In India
The growing Indian economy and favourable government policies have opened up huge opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. As per the old adage, repeat business is based on performance; however, business itself is based on impression. Hence, for smaller businesses, it is of vital importance to create the right kind of first impression for potential customers and business partners. This means having the right business address, an adequate level of professionalism and great presentation of your facilities and people. Normally for an SME, this equates to high real estate costs, high manpower & training costs and a lot of administrative hassles. However, this need gap can be bridged by virtual offices which ensure that you can run your business professionally without the cost of a full-time physical office and support staff on your payroll.

Market for virtual office in India
Although a well-known and accepted concept globally, the market for virtual office is considered to be nascent in India. But the industry is gradually getting familiar with this concept and those who have leveraged virtual offices often propagate the concept. Nevertheless, there is a need for greater awareness. On the other hand, not just smaller firms but multinationals and large companies are also expanding their footprint through this route. Considering the potential of entrepreneurship in India, virtual offices will be the most cost-effective and smart choice that is bound to pave the way for greater opportunities. India, with its fast-paced economic growth and investments, has become a major hub for all kinds of businesses. And this opens up immense opportunities for virtual offices.

Virtual office is full-time office at a fraction of the cost
To support businesses that don’t have requirements for physical office space, there are specialised companies operating in India who offer several packages. Clients can take advantage of the prestigious addresses and use it on their business cards and letterheads. They are also assisted by a dedicated receptionist who will answer calls in the company’s name while businesses gain access to world class boardrooms and meeting rooms with the latest audio-video equipment including facilities like video conferencing and high speed broadband Internet connectivity. In brief, they get everything one would expect from a professional office environment – without actually having a physical office and probably at a fraction of the cost!

Helping start-ups, entrepreneurs get a firm footing

Success happens when you reduce your costs, minimise your overhead and increase your sales. These factors are crucial for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to get a firm footing in every new market they enter. Virtual offices are an excellent option for start-ups, entrepreneurs, travelling executives, project-based clients or organisations who want to start a venture in a new location. This also works out to be a fantastic option for people on the move, especially to foreign locations, as they can avail all facilities and services on a pay-per-use basis.

Companies specialising in virtual office services are offering individual packages to suit your business needs and requirements. Here is a sneak peek into some of the virtual office packages that are popular among start-ups and entrepreneurs in India.

Virtual office communications
  • A receptionist in your chosen location to answer your calls in your company name and transfer the same to your office, mobile, unified messaging system or anywhere in the world.
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Voicemail to e-mail message delivery system
  • 24/7 interactive personal voicemail
  • Fax number
  • Allocated multilingual personal assistant

Virtual office meetings
  • International access to boardrooms and office hire
  • Allocated multilingual personal assistant
  • Access to broadband Internet
  • Video-conferencing facilities

Virtual office address
  • Prestigious city business address on your letterheads, business cards and mail delivery
  • Management of mail and couriers
  • Allocated multilingual personal assistant

Bottom line
Virtual offices provide a unique suite of offerings that can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses and are especially designed to help start-ups and entrepreneurs focus on their core business while maintaining low operating costs. Whether it is a receptionist who is the voice and face of the company, a secretary to help you with all professional services you need or innovative IT technology solutions, the possibilities are broad and many. In addition, if the need for a global presence arises, businesses can reach any market with unprecedented ease and convenience. After all, a professional business presence can be the defining factor that helps a business stand out from the competition and virtual office can probably become your stepping stone to success!

About the author: Taranviir Kaur is the country head of Imperial Servcorp.

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