I woke up at dawn to dance sober for 3 hours before work - and I've already signed up to do it again


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Daybreaker for Business Insider

Waking up at the crack of dawn is not something I do often.

But on a recent morning, I decided to toss tradition to the wind and awaken at the ripe hour of 5 a.m. - so I could head to a rave.

Yes, a rave.


The 3-hour morning party, known as Daybreaker, is part of what its creators call a "movement" in 16 cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, and Tokyo.

The sunrise soirée involves no alcohol or drugs. And did I mention it starts with an hour-long yoga class?

"Our goal was to create a safe space where people could sweat and express themselves - really let their hair down and let go," Daybreaker's co-founder, 38-year-old Radha Agrawal, told Business Insider. "We said let's replace all the negative, dark stuff about nightclubs with light, positive stuff."


Here's what it was like.