India deported 821 foreigners in 2021, granted long-term visas to 2,439 Pak nationals

India deported 821 foreigners in 2021, granted long-term visas to 2,439 Pak nationals
A total of 821 foreigners were deported by the Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRROs) in the year 2021, reads the Ministry of Home Affairs annual report.

The MHA Annual Report 2021-22 was released on Monday.

The report reads that most of the deported foreigners belonged to Nigeria (339), followed by Bangladesh (246) and Afghanistan (105).

A total of 15,24,469 foreigners visited India from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021. The maximum number of foreigners who visited India during this period were from the United States of America (4,29,860) followed by those from Bangladesh (2,40,554), the United Kingdom (1,64,143), Canada (80,437), Nepal (52,544), Afghanistan (36,451), Australia (33,864), Germany (33,772), Portugal (32,064) and France (30,374). These 10 countries accounted for 74.39 per cent of the total arrival of foreigners from January to December 2021 while the rest of the countries accounted for 25.61 per cent of the total incoming traffic of foreigners.

Further, Pakistan nationals above 65 years of age who cross the Attari Immigration Check Post on foot are also granted 'Visa-on-Arrival' ('VoA') for 45 day stay with single entry subject to certain conditions.


From April 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021, a total of 2,439 Long Term Visas (LTV) have been granted by MHA for minority communities from three neighbouring countries. This includes Pakistan (2193), Afghanistan (237) and Bangladesh (9).

During the same period, 08 Pakistcivil prisoners and 15 Pakistani fishermen, who had completed their sentences, were repatriated to Pakistan. And eight Indian civil prisoners and 20 Indian fishermen have been repatriated to India.

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