This couple just had a big fat Indian ‘wedding from home’ over a Zoom call

  • Sushen Dang and Keerti Narang got married on April 19 and spoke to Business Insider about their zoom call wedding.
  • Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all their initial plans were cancelled, and the couple was stuck in two different cities – Dang in Mumbai and Narang in Bareilly.
  • Things fell in place when they saw an ad on about WFH – Wedding From Home.
Sushen Dang and Keerti Narang had a big fat Indian wedding planned – a destination wedding in the middle of the Jim Corbett National Park, with their loved ones and of course, a lot of dhol. Well, until the coronavirus lockdown happened. All their plans were cancelled, and the couple was stuck in two different cities – Dang in Mumbai and Narang in Bareilly.

Until, they saw an ad on about WFH, albeit this time it wasn’t about Work From Home, but instead Wedding From Home. They got talking and on Sunday evening (April 19), as was decided, the couple got married over a Zoom call and it had all the elements – from the dhol to the priest and all their loved ones.

“Even before the lockdown we knew it was going to be tough for people to get to Jim Corbett as the need to practice social distancing was more important. We didn’t know what to do, a friend of mine asked me to check out’s Instagram and got to know about the online wedding. We thought it was an exciting idea – something nobody has ever done,” Dang told Business Insider in an interview right before his wedding.

And just because it was online, doesn’t mean that they didn’t have all the functions involved in an Indian wedding – from the mehendi to sangeet and of course the actual wedding. Keerti’s mehendi even read “Love in the time of Corona”.


They had video call time slots for all the wedding functions too!

But the couple believes it was just as magical and the same as a real wedding. They were already legally married from February for documentation, but even then it wasn’t too easy to convince their parents.

“It was difficult to convince my parents, they aren’t really active on social media. I had to explain to them about how it’s going to happen and Sushen’s parents too explained the whole process and then they too agreed that this is unique. It’s going to be memorable for all of us,” said Narang.

They had over 150 people join them for the wedding online, while arranged for a priest who recited the prayers.

And everyone was excited to join in – a lot of people who couldn’t have made it to the wedding in Jim Corbett, could make it for the video call!

As for the bride and groom, it was a relaxed yet super fun wedding. They don’t plan on having a wedding gathering this year because they don’t want to put anyone at risk. Next year, they are planning a big anniversary bash.

“It’s a very different feeling. I was very relaxed, all I had to do was get ready and sit in front of the camera. Now I’m waiting for the lockdown to get over,” says the bride.

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