Indian students join Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg to go on strike to fight global warming

16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg takes part in a protest claiming for urgent measures to combat climate change, in Hamburg, Germany, March 1, 2019. REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen
  • Indian students will be a part of the protest against global warming.
  • The online petition has over 17,000 signers from over 40 countries.
  • The movement was started by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg who staged a protest outside the Swedish parliament in August 2016.
An online petition started by a Facebook group called Climate Change for the future will see students from all across the world walking out on March 15, Friday, to protest against global warming. And Indian students too are a part of the change.

According to a report, over 400 students from Delhi will be a part of the movement. Students will bunk schools to join their counterparts from over 40 countries and will go on strike to fight global warming.

The report also says that a few schools in the National Capital have allowed students to be a part of the strike.


The global movement is a part of Greta Thunberg’s strike which the 16-year-old Swedish student started in August, 2018. Now, a Nobel Peace prize nominee, Thunberg has inspired thousands of others to join her in the movement. Thunberg was also a part of the World Economic Forum where she spoke about the alarming rate of global warming saying she wants people to panic about climate change.

The strikes have also caused a social media uproar with the hashtag #Fridaysforthefuture.

The online petition which needed 15000 signups has already been signed by over 17,000 people from over 40 countries.


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