Best baby diaper brands in India

Best baby diaper brands in India
Your little bundle of joy needs nothing but the best. From the softest and the best clothes, cribs, baby care products to toys - as a parent, you pay attention to every detail.

Your baby care regime cannot be complete without having a discussion about baby diapers.

Let’s face it - poop and waterworks happen day & night! The only saviour that helps to deal with incessant pooping and more are diapers.

The best friend of new parents, baby diapers are available in many sizes, types, and styles.

From pant style to eco-friendly, to absorption capacity, to size as per your baby’s age and weight are important factors to consider while choosing a diaper for your baby. The decision between using a cloth or disposable one is a no brainer as coping with your baby's pooping pace is hard to match. A perfect fit that is snug, fluffy, and comfy matters as well.

To make the search for baby diapers easy, we’ve listed the best and the safest brands of baby diapers for infants. Here we go-

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers, New Born (99 Count)

Best baby diaper brands in India
An ideal choice for newborn babies, these easy to wear diapers have crisscross absorbent sheets which easily absorb 7 glasses of urine and spread it evenly. Your baby does not feel stuffy and uncomfortable as these diapers do not get heavy due to urine or poop collecting at one spot. Leak-proof and sung fit, its superior thigh support prevents thigh gaps. Cotton like cover is soft and makes the style breathable even when worn by the baby for long hours. Available in cute pokochan designs, your baby will relax and play comfortably. Perfect for newborns, these diapers are breathable and soft

Pampers All round Protection Pants, New Born, Extra Small size baby diapers (NB/XS), 66 Count, Anti Rash diapers, Lotion with Aloe Vera

Best baby diaper brands in India
These diapers from Pampers are specially designed for new borns. They provide an all round protection to the gentle skin of the baby and prevent any rash. These diapers are enriched with the goodness of aloe vera which protects the soft skin of your baby. They also have ultra absorb pores which lock the wetness inside the diaper, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. Comfortable and soft diapers, suitable for new born babies and infants.

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers, Large, 76 Count

Best baby diaper brands in India
Worry no more about your baby being wet for long! Himalayas Total Care baby pants come with a unique wetness indicator that turns green to show when your baby’s diaper gets wet. This one-stop diaper care is loaded with the goodness of a natural anti-rash shield that is a soothing blend of Indian aloe and yashad bhasma (zinc oxide). Its intensive baby rash protection makes sure that your baby’s skin is soft and fresh. Soft inner layer with breathable fabric takes care of your baby’s sensitive skin. Easy to fit design is comfortable with proper air circulation. The soft elastic edges make them comfy and leak-proof. Available in different sizes as per age of the baby. Comes with the goodness of natural anti-rash shield & wetness indicator

Huggies Wonder Pants, Extra Small (XS) Size Diapers, 24 Count

Best baby diaper brands in India
The diaper comes with a 3-D Bubble-Bed in the inside layer which is super fluffy and provides cotton like softness to the baby’s skin. The 3-D Bubble-Bed ensures excellent absorption and spreads the wetness evenly, leading to outstanding dryness. It absorbs wetness for up to 12 hours to allow the baby a dry and comfortable sleep overnight. Comes with a triple leak-guard and an extra padding on the sides

Pampers Diaper Pants, Small, 86 Count

Best baby diaper brands in India
Pamper your newborn with Pampers baby dry pants. These pant style diapers ensure your baby is dry with its ultra absorb care and double leak guards. The goodness of lotion with aloe vera gives a cooling and soothing effect and keeps your baby’s skin soft and rash-free. Give your baby breathable dryness overnight with its magic gel locks. With a new and improved fit, this diaper fits comfortably and is ideal for babies weighing between 4-8 kgs, aged between 1-2 months. Flexible waistband with a cotton-like soft top later material makes it easy to adapt to baby’s movement and give a soft feel to the body. Comes in fun characters and exterior designs. Keeps your baby dry with its ultra absorb core

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