Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
Water is a basic need for all. However, due to contamination and pollution in the atmosphere, the water quality is becoming poor day by day, causing it to taste and smell bad. But we are fortunate enough that with the invention of water purifiers and the advancement in water filtration technologies, we can get safe drinking water and take care of our health. Clean and safe drinking water is a basic need of any household. Nowadays many good brands provide a decent water purifier with major features at prices that are within your budget. Under the ₹10000 budget, you can get water purifiers from some of the top brands like Aquaguard, Havells, V-Guard, Faber, AO Smith, Hindware, Kent, and more. You can find advanced technologies used in these water purifiers are Ultra Violet, Reverse Osmosis, TDS, and UF technology. Browse the options listed below.

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We look for water purifier specifications and features to help you make the right purchase. We consider water purifiers to come with some of the technologies and consumers can choose according to their needs, water quality, storage capacity, and convenience.

Things to look for while buying
Many water purifiers mix the UV, RO, and UF functions for purifying hard water and soft water as per the need. If you are looking at your requirement, and your budget while buying your water purifier for your home, you will get the most suitable option without much difficulty. You should not worry about selections regarding your family's expectations and wants. However, while selecting the water purifier, you need to consider that it will provide water quality. Additionally, while buying a water purifier, you must consider the technology, price, and specifications of water filters.
Water PurifierFeaturesCapacityProduct Link
Blue Star Aristo Water PurifierTriple layered RO+UV+UF protection7LBuy On
AquaSure from Aquaguard Water PurifierMulti-stage purification7LBuy On
V-Guard Zenora Water PurifierEasy installation7LBuy On
HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Water PurifierFood-grade material7LBuy On
Livpure Glo Water PurifierLED indicator7LBuy On
KENT Grand Water Purifier UV+UF purification process14LBuy On

Blue Star Aristo Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
Blue Star Aristo comes in two variants; the higher-end variant comes with RO + UF + UV whereas the base variant comes with RO + UF. All the features are the same for both the water purifier, but UV water purification technology is only missing in the base variant. The multi-layered water purification ensures all the dissolved impurities, heavy metals, microorganisms, physical impurities, radioactive matter, and other impurities. The 10-inch filter gives clean water in the water purifier and it consists of a purification indicator that highlights the purification process. Blue Start Aristo offers an Aqua taste booster that uses calcite media for maintaining pH levels and providing good-tasting water.

Tank full indicatorInstallation

AquaSure from Aquaguard Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
Aquasure from Aquaguard is also one of the best water purifiers. Its multi-stage purification uses a Filter, Chemi Block, MTDS, RO Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, and UV Chamber. This water purifier consists of two variants: the higher variant comes with UV, RO, UF, and MTDS whereas the base variant comes with UV, RO, and MTDS. The base variant has no UF, and in the higher-end variant, you will see it. This purifier comes with a smart LED indicator which shows purification, power, and full tank status. The AquaSure from Aquaguard water purifier provides a 7L storage capacity tank. You will get to drink clean water, which also tastes good. As per the water source, you can adjust the taste of the water. The purifier has a compact and sleek design so that it can be easily fitted in small areas as well.

Energy saving modePrice
Long-lasting cartridge

V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
The V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB Water Purifier is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and effective water purifier. The advanced UF membrane and the world-class RO membrane work together to give a high level of purification while a one-year comprehensive warranty and free PAN India installation make it the best choice for those who need a reliable water purifier. Having a seven-stage advanced purification process, this V-Guard purifier is excellent for use with water that consists of a high TDS content.

Easy to use
Maintain flavour

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
The HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV+MP can be one of the best choices if you are searching for a purifier that cleans your water of all impurities. The advanced RO+UV+MP technology removes harmful bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and heavy metals from the water. It gives a 6-stage purification to purify the water of all contaminants. The water purifier can clean hard water up to 2000ppm and turn it into drinkable water. The amazing part about this water purifier is the power-saving mode. It goes into standby mode after the tank is full, and it will save power. It is built of 100% food-grade plastic, which prevents harmful chemicals from getting into the water.

Remove harmful bacteria and virus
Power saving mode

Livpure Glo Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
The Livpure Glo Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers under ₹10000. When it comes to providing clean water and pure, you can trust the 6-stage water purification technology. It has a particulate arrestor, sediment filter, pre-activated carbon, UF cartridge, RO membrane, and silver-impregnated post-carbon cartridge to provide clean water that is safe to drink and for your health. The purifier has a storage capacity of 7l and a water purification rate of 15l/hour. It ensures that the taste of the water is maintained. The purifier is fitted with a membrane life enhancer which will help to reduce the long-term maintenance cost.

UV disinfection designBuild quality
6-stage purification

KENT Grand Water Purifier

Best water purifier to buy under ₹10000
Kent Grand water purifier comes with the UV + UF purification process. In this purifier, through a UV lamp, the water is first cleaned and then it is passed through a hollow fiber UF membrane to supply clean drinking water. The UV+UF purification process ensures the water you are drinking is clean from bacteria, viruses, and cysts. This purifier consists of computer-controlled operations, including UV change alarm and filter change. When the UV lamp and the filter need replacement, you will be notified. While purifying water, this purifier has a capacity of 8l at the rate of 60l/Hr.

Large storage capacityMaterial

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