The Dippin' Dots CEO is being sued by his ex, who claims he used her nudes to blackmail her in a bitter custody fight over their dog

The Dippin' Dots CEO is being sued by his ex, who claims he used her nudes to blackmail her in a bitter custody fight over their dog
Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer. Courtesy of Dippin' Dots
  • The ex of Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer claims he used her nudes to threaten and control her.
  • Court documents outline what her lawyers call a "campaign of abuse and harassment" with her nudes.
  • Fischer told TMZ the lawsuit is an attempt to extort him, calling it "outlandish."

The CEO of Dippin' Dots has been accused by his ex-girlfriend of waging a revenge porn campaign that included him sending her mother her nudes in order to force her to hand over their dog, court documents viewed by Insider show.

Amanda Brown has alleged that Scott Fischer, who took over the ice cream company in 2012, sent explicit images of her to other people, and wielded the threat of sending them out in an attempt to control her actions.

In a statement to TMZ, Fischer said the lawsuit was an attempt to extort him.

'You will see what my revenge will do'

In her complaint, Brown said that their relationship, which lasted between 2019 and 2020, had been chaotic, and that Fischer frequently drank too much and abused her emotionally.

She also claimed that, having made her financially dependent on him, Fischer used the threat of withdrawing support to solicit explicit photos from her - and to stop her from leaving him.


The complaint said that in December 2019, Fischer sent her a private sexual image of herself, saying he was sending it to a friend "to hold onto for us potentially fighting."

Brown claimed that after they split in 2020, used her nudes in what the lawsuit described as a "campaign of abuse and harassment," which included him threatening to share them with friends, on social media, and on Pornhub.

The Dippin' Dots CEO is being sued by his ex, who claims he used her nudes to blackmail her in a bitter custody fight over their dog
Fischer poses with fans at an event on December 13, 2019, in New York City. Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for iHeart Media

The filing said the Fischer had sent several messages threatening Brown about the dog that the couple had shared as well as a car that they co-leased.

The court documents cited numerous text messages purported to be from Fischer, such as one on January 14 this year that said: "F--- you, you are not a good person. I just sent you the pics by text that I'm about to send out. You will see what my revenge will do."

"The stuff I can do to you in the future is fascinating," the message continued, according to the complaint. "I'm going to hurt you tonight."


The message was accompanied by nude photos of her, the complaint said. He sent several other messages that day saying he had shared the pictures, according to the complaint.

The same day, Fischer sent a nude photo of Brown to Brown's mother, saying in the message: "I'm sending this out tomorrow. Then I'm going to file a petition for [their dog]," the complaint said.

Brown's court filing also accused Fischer of using Dippin' Dots' corporate might against her, saying he told her on January 21 that he would use the company's corporate counsel to "reclaim" the dog.

The next month, he asked Brown to contact Dippin' Dots' corporate counsel, saying that the company was about to file a lawsuit against her, including a restraining order, the filing said.

The complaint said that Fischer had told friends that Brown had committed "domestic violence" against him, pointing to a bruise he had sustained. The bruise was a result of Brown trying to defend herself when Fischer got violent with her when he was drunk, the filing said.


Fischer also solicited other women's nudes and shared them with others, the complaint said.

Fischer's lawyers say Brown is trying to 'extort' him

Fischer did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. When approached for comment by TMZ, his lawyers called the lawsuit "inflammatory" and "outlandish."

The lawsuit is "nothing more than an attempt to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship," they told the outlet, adding that Brown filed the lawsuit in order to "cover up her illegal actions," without giving further detail.

The lawyers also said Fischer had attempted to find a "respectful solution" to the former couple's differences.