Zelenskyy pays tribute to departing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling him a 'true friend of Ukraine'

Zelenskyy pays tribute to departing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling him a 'true friend of Ukraine'
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shake hands during their meeting in Kyiv on April 9, 2022.Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy said departing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a "true friend of Ukraine."
  • Zelenskyy thanked Johnson for his "decisive and uncompromising help" in Ukraine's war with Russia.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday called outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a "true friend of Ukraine."

During an interview with CNN, Zelenskyy thanked Johnson — who announced his resignation on Thursday — for his support of his country's war against Russia.

"The United Kingdom is on the right side of history," Zelenskyy said. "I am sure that policy towards Ukraine from the United Kingdom won't be changing."

In a post on Instagram, Zelenskyy said that "all Ukrainians were saddened by the news" that Johnson was resigning.

"We are sincerely grateful for the decisive and uncompromising help from the first days of the war," Zelenskyy wrote.


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Downing Street also released a readout of the call between Johnson and Zelenskyy, covering what they discussed on Thursday afternoon. According to the Prime Minister's Office, Johnson reiterated the UK's continued support for Ukraine and reassured Zelenskyy of a continued supply of defensive aid.

According to Downing Street's summary of the call, Johnson also thanked Zelenskyy for his friendship and "everything he's doing to stick up for freedom." In return, Zelenskyy expressed the Ukrainian people's gratitude for the UK's assistance.

"You're a hero, everybody loves you," Johnson told Zelenskyy on the call, per Downing Street's statement.

Johnson has made multiple visits to Kyiv, where he spoke to Zelenskyy face-to-face.

During his second visit in June, Johnson tabled an offer from the Uk to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every 120 days, which Johnson said may "change the equation" in Ukraine's fight against Russia. He also visited Zelenskyy in Kyiv in April, during which he pledged ammunition and economic support to the country.


Meanwhile, Russian officials have rejoiced in Johnson's departure, with the speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament commenting that "the clown is going."