JPMorgan just promoted 120 bankers to managing director - we've got the full list


JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon speaks during a discussion in Washington December 12, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Theiler

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JPMorgan Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon speaks at the Aspen Institute's "Closing the Workforce Skills Gap" seminar

JPMorgan just promoted a new crop of bankers from its corporate and investment bank to managing director.

It's a huge achievement to be named managing director, the senior-most title at the firm.

While other firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley release the list publicly, the JPMorgan list is typically top-secret.


We got our hands on the list, which went out on Thursday, however.

JPMorgan declined to comment.

Have a look - and congratulations to all the new MDs.


  • Nick Adragna, Global spread
  • Caspar Agnew, International sales and marketing
  • Konstantin Akimov, Global investment banking
  • Bader Alamoudi, International sales and marketing
  • Nancy Albanese, Human resources
  • Najeeb Ali, Global investment banking
  • Daniele Apa, Global investment banking
  • Mark Astbury, Risk
  • Sterling Auty, Global research
  • Jay Barry, Global research
  • Chris Bono, Corporate banking
  • Michael Borgh, Global investment banking
  • Christian Brune, Corporate banking
  • Brian Charters, Americas sales & marketing
  • Michelle Chen, Global investment banking
  • Yowjie Chien, Global equities
  • KC Choi, Legal
  • Chris Cockerill, Corporate communications
  • Sara Collins, Finance and business management
  • Lori Cuneo, Global investment banking
  • Akhil Dattani, Global research
  • Anissa Dhouibi, Risk
  • Emre Eler, Global investment banking
  • Donna Fitzmaurice, Treasury services
  • Francesco Forte, International sales and marketing
  • Bronwyn Fox, Investor services and financing
  • Anthony Fraind, Americas sales and marketing
  • Melissa Gallagher, Compliance
  • Paul Gallant, Chief administrative office
  • Kenneth Goldman, Global research
  • Sudha Gorla, Americas sales and marketing
  • Gianluca Gorlani, International sales and marketing
  • Patxi Granero, Global investment banking
  • Daniel Gritz, Finance and business management
  • Winston Gu, Risk
  • Vikas Gupta, Global macro
  • Fadi Hanna, Compliance
  • Sony Hassan, Global macro
  • Taosong He, Risk
  • Joe Hussey, Treasury services
  • Michele Iozzolino, Global investment banking
  • Anchal Jain, Global macro
  • Cory Kasimov, Global research
  • Cameron Kissel, International sales and marketing
  • Niklas Kloepfer, Global investment banking
  • Prem Krishnamoorthy, Chief administrative office
  • Matthias Kristol, Global investment banking
  • Dubravko Lakos, Global research
  • Alykhan Lalani, Global investment banking
  • Greg Landa, Chief administrative office
  • Marvin Larbi-Yeboa, Global investment banking
  • Emmanuelle Lemer, Global investment banking
  • Meredith Levy, Finance and business management
  • Edwin Li, Global equities
  • Jacob Lindewald, International sales and marketing
  • Hozefa Lokhandwala, Global investment banking
  • David Lubeck, Global investment banking
  • James MacDonald, Audit
  • John MacDonald, Chief administrative office
  • Matt Mainelli, Global investment banking
  • Niccolo Manno, Global equities
  • David Mansfield, Global equities
  • John Maraia, Chief administrative office
  • Jeff Marks, Global investment banking
  • Rob Matles, chief administrativer office
  • Lily McInerney, Finance and business management
  • Ben Michael, Investor services and financing
  • Ben Middleberg, Global investment banking
  • Rafael Munoz, Global investment banking
  • Dan Murphy, Global equities
  • Phil Myers, Chief administrative office
  • John Neubauer, Global equities
  • Chi Nzelu, Global macro
  • Chris Owen, Global spread
  • Chris Palmer, Chief administrative office
  • Nick Paolucci, International sales and marketing
  • Dan Parsell, Chief administrative office
  • Jane Pauls, Finance and business management
  • Richard Perelman, Global investment banking
  • Paulo Peres, Risk
  • Sara Perring, International sales and marketing
  • Adam Pollitzer, Global investment banking
  • Kirsten Rastrick, Americas sales and marketing
  • Tracey Robbins, Chief administrative office
  • Eric Roemer, Investor services and financing
  • Javier Ryzowy, Americas sales and marketing
  • Dan Schafer, Global investment banking
  • Robbin Schulsohn, Legal
  • Seth Schwartz, Corporate banking
  • Takasuke (Kevin) Sekine, Corporate banking
  • Eric Shan, Finance and business management
  • Sunil Sharma, International sales and marketing
  • Alistair Sharpe, Chief administrative office
  • Dennis Shiu, Chief administrative office
  • Dean Shoosmith, Risk
  • Kristin Silberberg, Finance and business management
  • Saeko Soma, Finance and business management
  • Alan Southan, Risk
  • Kate Stern-Jones, Chief administrative office
  • Craig Sweeney, Audit
  • Karine Sweeney, Chief administrative office
  • Alexis Sztejnman, International sales and marketing
  • Ee-Ching Tay, Global investment banking
  • Jacqueline Taylor, International sales and marketing
  • Sudheer Tegulapalle, Global investment banking
  • Katya Terekhova, Treasury services
  • Alexandre Tiers, Global equities
  • Richard Vosser, Global research
  • Ben Wallace, Global investment banking
  • Sophie Warrick, International sales and marketing
  • Takeshi Watanabe, Global investment banking
  • Mike Weinstein, Americas sales and marketing
  • Peter E. Weiss, Global spread
  • Duncan Wilson, Investor services and financing
  • Kenneth Worthington, Global research
  • Alastair Wright, Finance and business management
  • Esther Yeh, Global investment banking
  • Bin Yu, Global macro
  • Peter Yu, Global investment banking
  • Haibin Zhu, Global research

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