Kanye West Releases Official 'Black Skinhead' Music Video And It's Just Like The Leaked Version He Got Mad About


kanye west black skinhead


Viewers can take screenshots of the music video "for a unique secondary experience."

The final version of Kanye West's music video for "Black Skinhead" is out, and really similar to the leaked version that prompted an angry Twitter rant from West earlier this month.


The Sims-style graphics are still weird, and a computer-generated West gets more air time in his birthday suit.

Watch the video exclusively on West's website.

An impressive improvement was the addition of interactivity.

Viewers can adjust the motion speed — slowing sound and audio simultaneously — and take screenshots by clicking an Instagram icon with a hand cursor giving the middle finger.


Its functionality varies across different web browsers. We found Safari works best.

This press release describing the "compelling imagery," which West tweeted on Monday, displays on screen before the video plays:

The video, a collaborative project with photographer and director Nick Knight, took a reported five months to create, but the final product bears a striking resemblance to the version leaked earlier this month — in spite of West's Twitter freak-out:


Here are some screenshots of the final video:

The sporadic cameos by Mega-Glitchy CGI Kanye were, it turns out, part of the plan the whole time.

This blurred black and white background didn't appear in the leaked version.


West shows some leg, circa Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscar's.

The wolves make a second appearance, accompanying the lyrics: "I'm aware I'm a wolf."

The video closes with West free-falling into a gray fog.