KFC to open world’s first human-free fast food restaurant. Here’s a look at its amazing interior designs

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) is eating our jobs’ is a statement which we often get to hear nowadays, from experts, researchers to layman. The allegation is not without reason. After an extensive study on consumers’ feedback on delivery systems of the company, experts have come to a safe conclusion that more than 60% preferred going physically to the food joints to enjoy a hearty meal. Besides delayed delivery, they were tired of dealing with rude employees while ordering their food and their continuous badgering about a particular discount!

Hence KFC will soon replace all their human employees with AI bots. KFC, in partnership with Chinese search engine giant Baidu, has just opened the world’s first human-free fast food restaurant in Shanghai.

The intelligent robot concept store, Original+, doesn't look like a typical KFC store either. The interior is designed in a traditional Chinese garden style with bamboo, flowers, and jade accents. Customers enter through a big circular doorway. Small, pear-shaped robots named Du Mi take orders and process payments.


Take a small tour through the restaurant here.


KFC’s Original+ may be fun and engaging but this comes at a challenging time as just last month, two Chinese restaurants fired their robot waiters after the machines proved to be poor replacements of human workers.

(Image credits: KFC, fiveshoutsout)